Convention Hall C May 15, 2019 invited abstract
Masterclass 09:00 - 10:15

Practical Updates in Endocrinology

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Thyroid is Simple, Isn’t It? (Or Something You Don’t Know You Don’t Know)
09:05 - 09:35
Presented by : Dr. Cheung Hei CHOI

One day when I was seeing patients in the clinic, I overheard two junior doctors talking next to my room. 


Doctor A: Oh! We have less than 10 minutes to see each patient in the clinic, how can it be possible if they are not thyroid problems?

Doctor B: Yes, thyroid is simple; you either give carbimazole for high and thyroxine for low, that’s it. Just hope that all patients are thyroid patients.


What happens if high is not really high and low is not simply low? In this presentation, I try to discuss with you some daunting challenge of thyroid diseases including the laboratory interference, discordant thyroid function and how common presentation could bamboozle us, and ultimately what make thyroid so tantalizing. I hope you can realize something you don’t know you don’t know about the kaleidoscopic spectrum of thyroid diseases

My aim is simple: Thyroid is NOT simple.


Breaking the Silence of Osteoporosis
09:35 - 10:05
Presented by : Dr. Yu Cho Woo
Osteoporosis is characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone quality, leading to increased risk of fragility fractures and the resulting mortality and morbidities. It is often called a ??silent disease?? because there are no symptoms or pain until a fracture occurs. The silence of the disease unfortunately masks its huge health impact. Hip fractures, in particular, are associated with up to 20% of long-term nursing care and another 20%


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