Nurses Voluntary Groups Held Blood Cholesterol Survey at the Grassroots Community

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Sun MP(1)
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(1) Hong Kong Credible Care Volunteers Association
Introduction :
Early identification and optimal treatment of elderly with hypercholesterolemia are crucial for the prevention of atherosclerosis progression and coronary complications (CHD). Recent guidelines and consensus statements in Europe and in some Asia-Pacific countries highlight the need for the early identification of hypercholesterolemia to improve the awareness and management of this condition. A grassroots community- based blood Cholesterol survey was held by Hong Kong Credible Care Volunteers Association HKCCVA (Nurse voluntary group) in 2018.
Objectives :
1. To increase the awareness of blood cholesterol monitoring for elderly in grassroots community. 2. To empower elderly with hypercholesterolemia through education. 3. To promote health awareness in the grassroots community through nurses voluntary groups.
Methodology :
1. A grassroots community- based blood cholesterol survey  Participants: 251 elderly aged ≥ 65 with fasting ≥ 8 hrs  Venue: NGO elderly centre x 5  Date: Jan – Dec 2018 2. Face to Face educational programme to elderly with hypercholesterolemia  Lifestyle and behaviour modification All elderly with a hypercholesterolemia were counselled individually on lifestyle modification, particularly healthy eating, regular exercise and physical activity, weight control, and cessation of smoking.
Result & Outcome :
1. A grassroots community- based blood Cholesterol survey Group 1 Elderly with known hypercholesterolemia with oral drug treatment, Group 2 Elderly with no history of hypercholesterolemia Participants No. of participants Group 1: 69 (27.5%) Group 2: 182 (72.5%) Total : 251 Average age Group 1: 76.1(65-90) Group 2: 74.9 (65-99) Total :75.2 Female gender Group 1: 56 (81.2%) Group 2:159 (87.4%) Total : 215 (85.6%) Average BMI Group 1: 24.6 (17.6-34.5) Group 2: 23.8 (14.8-40.6) Total : 24.1 Average Fasting Cholesterol level (mmol/L) Group 1: 4.3 (2.6-7.8) Group 2: 5.2 (2.6-9.9) Total : 4.9 Fasting blood Cholesterol level > 5.2 mmol/L Group 1: 20 (29%) Group 2: 95 (52.2%) Total :115 (45.8%) Fasting blood Cholesterol level > 7 mmol/L Group 1: 2 (2.9%) Group 2: 31 (17%) Total :33 (13.1%)  Overweight (BMI >23) is common in the elderly especially hypercholesterolemia (Average BMI 24.6)  More than 52% (Fasting blood Total Cholesterol level > 5.2 mmol/L ) elderly is potential undiagnosed pre- hypercholesterolemia patient.  2.9% of the hypercholesterolemia elderly unsatisfactory control blood Cholesterol levels. (Fasting blood total Cholesterol level > 7 mmol/L) Conclusion Elderly with hypercholesterolemia remains underdiagnosed and undertreated in the grassroots community. Regular blood cholesterol surveillance at grassroots community is suggested to identify undiagnosed hypercholesterolemia. Increased awareness, early identification, and optimal education are essential to reduce the risk of premature CHD, thereby restoring decades of healthy, normal life in elderly with hypercholesterolemia. Lifestyle and behavior modification is the cornerstone of hypercholesterolemia management where the elderly are empowered with appropriate knowledge and skills to live with the disease. Nurses voluntary groups can help provide health education in the community. To facilitate health awareness, HKCCVA provides voluntary health promotion activities to service the grassroots community.

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