Enhancement of staff wellness by relieving manpower at night shift

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Introduction :
Work related musculoskeletal disorders are a group of painful disorders arisen from repetitive activities of related muscles, tendons and nerves. In an Infirmary ward setting, rate of staff’s musculoskeletal disorder may be magnified in few folds due to ever increasing clinical demands. As staff manpower is one of the most precious resources in an organization, it is worth to identify solutions to alleviate heavy duties, such as napkin changing in order to minimize risks of staff Injury On Duty (IOD).
Objectives :
1. Reserve manpower 2. Minimize risks of Injury On Duty due to repetitive movements 3. Provide better continence care to bedridden elders
Methodology :
With support from the Quality of Care Program (QOCP), different sizes of high absorbency night napkin were purchased. Incontinent patients with skin intact, free from pressure injuries and diarrhoea, had limited self-movement were recruited for the trial in Jan 2018. The product was put on during the first napkin round at about 11:00pm. In the second napkin round at 04:00, patient of the trial group was observed for any leakage. The napkin would not be changed except it was soiled with faeces. Other general nursing care, such as position changing, would be continued. Thus, the grubby napkin would be changed at next napkin around at 07:00am.
Result & Outcome :
Due to resources limitation, only 12 patients (M: 5 / F: 7) were selected for the trial in the 2 weeks’ time. All the nursing and supporting staff gave a positive feedback. It benefits 20% time saving in the second napkin round as well as minimizing certain repetitive activities while no incident of urine leakage or Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) was documented among the trial group, despite of the long contact time of 8 hours. Staff could be released for other duties, for example, night patrol, at the same time. Though, the product is 2.3 times more expensive than those hospital stock items, it is worthwhile to reserve staff’s well-being and morale, save time and enhance productivity as well as quality of patient care.
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