Influenza Vaccination Promulgation among staff in Haven of Hope Hospital

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FOK Fiona(1)(2) , CHAN LN (2)
Affiliation :
(1) Infection Control Team , Haven of Hope Hospital (2) Nursing Services Division ,Haven of Hope Hospital
Introduction :
Influenza (flu), a common highly infectious viral disease , caused significant morbidity and mortality especially among the elderly and high-risk groups with preexisting medical conditions. Flu is a vaccine preventable disease and flu vaccination is one of the most effective measures for controlling the virus. Vaccinating HCWs against influenza reduces the transmission of the virus in hospitals and decreases staff illness and absenteeism and might also indirectly benefit patients by decreasing their chance of being infected. It is also a strategy highly recommended by WHO to protect the vital health infrastructure and to keep it operating at maximum capacity. However, the coverage of flu vaccination among HCWs is around 18-33% in the past years (2014-2018) in our hospital.
Objectives :
Promulgate flu vaccination to increase the uptake rate of flu vaccination among staff
Methodology :
There are TWELVE strategies for promulgation of flu vaccination program 1) Role Model Effect : Invite all Ward/Dept. i/cs & supervisors as role model to take up flu vaccination 2) Doctors’ effect : When Staff seek Doctors consultation at SOPD , who will invite the attendants to have flu vaccination 3) New Staff Effect : ICNs invite all Newly Recruited / Transferred staff for Flu Vaccination on the day of report duty. 4) Deliver Influenza talk : Myths Vs Reality. ICO delivers the talk to clarify the myths & provide the facts in the talk 5) Attraction : A Mascot talent as flu vaccination ambassador to create a positive & warm atmosphere to join hands with staff to promulgate flu vaccination 6) Mobile Cart Service : Offer the mobile cart service twice / week from door to door to invite staff of wards & depts to receive flu vaccination 7) Flu Vaccination Campaign in KEC for competition : Top FIVE competition among wards & depts in HHH 8) Recognition & Appreciation scheme Offer a ten-dollar coupon , one pack with 3 pieces of 金莎朱古力 , a pin with words “打左針喇” ; and a pin provided by HAHO 9) Continue Education : ICT collaboration with other departments conducted 2 days program for Staff Health which is conducted on 2/11 & 6/12/2018 to promote staff vaccination . ICNs will give flu vaccination once getting consent from staff in the booth. 10) Nominate flu vaccination ambassadors : Invite ward & depts. i/cs nominate flu vaccination ambassadors to encourage staff taking vaccination among their wards & depts. 11) Other actions : Circulate memo & posters to wards & depts, set up the screen saver to CMS, upload the updated flu vaccination information to the flu web page & circulate the flu vaccination uptake rate regularly . 12) Edit the lyric from a song to promote flu vaccination among staff & singing in the Christmas Party
Result & Outcome :
The coverage of flu vaccination among staff is 47.47% (n=403). The figure is retrieved from the Management Information Portal (MiPO) as at 25/March/2019. Of our vaccination group, 83% staff are HCWs (n=334). Overall, the uptake rate among staff for 2018-2019 has increased by nearly 44% in comparison with 2017/2018 which is about 33%.

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