Multidisciplinary approach in improving quality of life of prostate cancer patient in KWC

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Yim MS (1) Wong KW (1) Ho KL (1) Choy YP (1) Brian Ng YH
Affiliation :
(1) Department of Surgery (2) Department of Oncology
Introduction :
Prostate cancer recorded as the largest increase in incidence rate among the common male cancers in Hong Kong during the past decades. In 2015, prostate cancer was the third most common cancer in men and account for 11.9% of all new cancer cases in males (CHP 2018).When patients diagnosed prostate cancer, they may experience numerous physical and psychological effects that have negative impact on their quality of life. As there is no consensus for best treatment options, patient usually frustrated concerning best treatment options and side effects of treatment. In KWC, there are about 400 new cases per year. When patients are diagnosed with prostate cancer, they have no information on the disease and how to overcome the side effects of treatment. In view of service demand and patient need, we have multidisciplinary effort to improve patient understanding of the disease and treatment options. Moreover, during the talk, social worker may introduce patient support after discharge. We also invited patients to share their experience during the talk and hope to reduce anxiety
Objectives :
- improve patient knowledge on prostate cancer - empower patient and career on management options and management of side effects of treatment - Continuity of care from hospital to community - improve patient/ doctor/ nurse relationship
Methodology :
- newly diagnosed prostate cancer and plan treatment within 3 months were invited. Patients and careers are invited - Coordination supported by social worker and volunteers from oncology block - Patient education talk holds every 3 months - Talk conducted by urologist, urology NC, oncologist, and oncology NC, hospital social worker and cancer link staff. Patients who have undergone treatments were invited to share experience. - Patient evaluation conducted after each session of education talk
Result & Outcome :
Total 4 education talks held from 9 2017 and total 150 attendance including patients and careers. Evaluation include: content of talk; time of talk; how the talk may help patient on understand of disease and care; how the talk may improve community support and presentation of speakers. Results: overall patients' response is positive. Over 80% of patient agreed that the content meet their need and expectation. 85% of patient agreed the time arrangement is good 85% of patient showed that they have more understanding of post treatment care 65% of patient showed they can totally understand the content of talk Written feedback include: more understanding on robotic surgery and one feedback show the timing fit his concern. One feedback also show he need more psychological support during the talk Improvement is needed and we will continue the education talk after evaluation collected

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