Enhance Perioperative Patient Education by Use of I-Pad

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Chung SH(1), Cho SY(1), Lam SC(1), CHung HP(1)
Affiliation :
(1) Department of Surgery, Tung Wah Hospital
Introduction :
Pre-anesthetic clinic plays an important role for a Day Surgery Centre. Patients should be well- prepared to be safe as a day / same day admission patient. With the advance technology, a power-point file on perioperative care of the Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is established for the patients and it is presented to them through I-pad.
Objectives :
The use of I-pad with audiovisual presentation (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) to improve patient communication an education during peioperative period in the pre-anesthetic clinic .
Methodology :
A satisfaction survey divided into two parts (a) Traditional pamphlet briefing (b) I-pad assisted briefing was given to patients. Each part consisted of five questions: 1) The nurse has explained the mature, effect/ benefit of operation to patients / family members. 2) Fear can be reduced by providing operation day journey information 3) Application of I-pad can be more specific to provide information compared with pamphlet 4) Nurses can fully utilize the pamphlet / I-pad for patient education 5) Tung Wah Hospital should apply advance technology to provide patient care
Result & Outcome :
From 8 October to 10 December 2018,total 30 patients aged from 33-79 were analyzed in the project (Male: n = 11, Female: n= 19). All the analyzed parameters showed statistically significant improvements in applying I-pad for patient education compared with traditional pamphlet presentation. 63% of patients strongly agreed the use of I-pad can be more specific to provide information compared with traditional pamphlet.In conclusion, the application of I-pad has a positive impact on the practice of patient education in the pre-anesthetic clinic. In the future, it is suggested to use QR code for the power-points so that patients can easily access to the information they should know and to reduce the expenditure of papers of the hospital.
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