Reliability and Validity of Hong Kong Version of Hierarchic Dementia Scale – Revised (HDS-R-HK): Preliminary results

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Authors (including presenting author) :
Wong KC(1), Law ST(1), Lau M(1), Yue SY(1), Yan TYC(2), Tsoh J(2), Wong A(3)
Affiliation :
(1)Department of Occupational Therapy, Shatin Hospital, (2) Department of Psychiatry, Prince of Wales Hospital / Shatin Hospital, (3) Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Introduction :
Population aging has become an increasing concern in Hong Kong, and an escalating number of dementia cases is expected. It is necessary to equip ourselves with appropriate and convenient instruments for measuring and monitoring the decline of these cases.
Objectives :
To develop the Hong Kong version of Hierarchic Dementia Scale-Revised (HDR-R-HK) and evaluate its reliability and validity
Methodology :
HDS-R-HK was translated. Subjects suffering from various degrees of dementia were recruited. The inter-rater reliability, test-retest reliability and internal consistency of HDS-R-HK were calculated. The correlations of HDS-R-HK with Global Deterioration Scale (GDS), Cantonese version of Mini Mental State Examination (CMMSE), Hong Kong Montreal Cognitive Assessment (HK-MoCA) and Chinese version of the Disability Assessment for Dementia (CDAD) were also calculated.
Result & Outcome :
The preliminary results in the first 10 analyzed subjects are as follow: HDS-R-HK showed good inter-rater reliability (Intraclass correlation coefficient, ICC = 0.999, p < 0.001) and good test-retest reliability (ICC = 0.992, p < 0.001). The assessment also showed good internal consistency with an overall Cronbach’s α of 0.914. High and negative correlation was found between HDS-R-HK with GDS (Spearman rank correlation coefficient, rs = -0.979, p < 0.01), and it also demonstrated positive correlations with CMMSE (rs = 0.994, p < 0.01), HK-MoCA (rs = 0.997, p < 0.01) and CDAD (rs = 0.985, p < 0.01). It is shown that HDS-R-HK is a potentially reliable and valid instrument for measuring the severity of cognitive decline in various stages of dementia. The author will report on further findings after analyzing the results of the rest of the recruited subjects.
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