Maintain tidiness and cleanliness of ward environment by fixing the position of used suction tubing

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Abstract Summary


There is no fixed position for the used suction tubing in surgical ward. It is usually suspended around the suction bottle, suction meter, oxygen meter, or even put on the patient bedside drawer. It is not appropriate for both 5S (organization, cleanliness) and infection control standard.


To fix the used suction tubing in order to achieve the 5S principle and infection control standard.


1. Stick a hook next to the suction bottle. 2. After the suction tubing is used and it is flushed with water, it is then fixed on the hook. 3. Ensure that tubing will not be suspended around other equipments. 4. Make sure that the opening of the tubing is upwards. Therefore, no water inside the tubing will spill out. 5. Educate nurses about the use of hook. Communicate and encourage other staff (such as doctors and physiotherapist) to put the suction tubing on the hook. 6. Carry out audit to measure the compliance.

Results & Outcome

Satisfaction: Staffs are satisfied with the use of hook to fix the suction tubing. They agree that it makes patient’s bedside tidier. Also, this can prevent fluid to spill out from the suction tubing. Compliance: The compliance rate is 100%. Staffs are willing to use the new method to handle the used suction tubing.



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Leung LK(1), Lau SY(1), Wong KY(1)
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(1) Department of Surgery, United Christian Hospital