Building a safety culture through Journal and Case sharing club

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Lee MH, Tse WTE, Wu PY, Luk KM, Law YKC, Chan MK, Ng LK
Affiliation :
Department of Surgery, Ruttonjee & Tang Shiu Kin Hospitals
Introduction :
Introduction Nurses are responsible for delivering safe nursing practice that incorporates the available guidelines and evidence with the expertise of professional. Therefore, nurses should keep themselves abreast of the updated nursing guidelines and literature. Nurses, as well as nursing students also require competences to provide evidence- based care in order to maintain good and safe practice in clinical works. Journal club serves as a platform for nurses to share the knowledge of current clinical research and discuss the best practices. Besides, periodic case sharing provides an opportunity for nurses to present the case management and analyze the clinical problems. In addition, regular sharing of updated guidelines, news and incidents. Aims to build a safety culture through peer learning, critical thinking, discussion and interaction among nurses.
Objectives :
Objectives 1. To identify clinical problem through case sharing in order to improve patient outcomes 2. To arouse staff awareness in high risks procedures 3. To identify potential risks in daily practice 4. To standardize the nursing practice by sharing updated guidelines and evidence based practice 5. To promote professional development by sharing of oversea experience
Methodology :
Methodology 1. Set up a work group with representatives of different ranks 2. Review existing measures and explore further improvement. 3. Review literatures on guidance to set up a journal club 4. Set up the content sharing guidelines 5. Design staff opinion survey to collect nurses’ opinions 6. Communicate and raise awareness of benefits of the program among staff 7. Implement the program according to the timeline 8. Collect staff opinion survey to evaluate the program
Result & Outcome :
Results 1. Conducted 24 Journal club meeting 2. Shared 16 different topics 3. 250 nurse and 30 student attendants Post program evaluation 1. Over 80% staff agreed that increase confidence in clinical works 2. Around 90% staff agreed that it is useful in daily nursing practice 3. 80% staff agreed that increase awareness to identify potential risks through incident and case sharing sessions 4. 80% staff agreed that it can promote professional development through oversea sharing sessions 5. Most of staff agreed that journal club serves as a platform for sharing updated news& guidelines and benefit through peer learning. Conclusion Journal and case sharing club provides a platform for nurses to share evidence-based practice. Besides, it is practical for nurses to enhance knowledge and increase confidence in workplace through sharing their experience in case management. Nurses identify the process of assessment, planning, care coordination, evaluation, and available resources to meet an individual’s and family’s needs. Incident sharing session is also benefit for increasing staff awareness while applying nursing care in daily practice.

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