A Glance of the Launching of Enhanced NeuroDay Program in MacLehose Medical Rehabilitation Centre- A Comprehensive, Holistic and Tailor-made Program

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Pu KSJ(1) (7), Mak KYA(2), Tang VK(2), Lau HK(3), Lau SK(3), Lee HS(3), Cheng KWS(4), Yam YWA(4), Chan YLT(5), Li SHM(5), Cheng MW(6), Cheung YH(6)
Affiliation :
(1)Neurorehabilitation Team, (2) Clinical Psychology Department, (3) Nursing Department, (4) Occupational Therapy Department, (5) Physiotherapy Department, (6) Speech Therapy Department, (7) Department of Surgery-Division of Neurosurgery, Queen Mary Hospital
Introduction :
Literature has demonstrated that ambulatory rehabilitation service are beneficial to discharged stroke patients in maintaining functional level and preventing deterioration. (Nordin et al 2014) To extend the comprehensive, holistic and tailor-made rehabilitation service of in-patient in MacLehose Medical Rehabilitation Centre (M.M.R.C.), a multidisciplinary enhanced neuro-rehabilitation day program was introduced. It targets to 1.facilitates early discharge of in-patients, 2.facilitates community re-integration of patients and their family, 3.facilitates community role re-development of patients, and 4.provides comprehensive day rehabilitation service for neurological patients of Hong Kong West cluster and other clusters.
Objectives :
The present study aimed at reviewing and exploring the effect of launching of enhanced neuroday program in M.M.R.C. for the first 3 months after service commencement.
Methodology :
The enhanced neuroday program was launched in October 2018. 77 patients participated in the program within the period of October to December 2018. Parameters such as length of stay (LOS), percentage of discharged in-patients joined the neuroday program and the demographic data of patients joining the program were investigated.
Result & Outcome :
Among 77 patients who joined the enhanced neuroday program, 43 of them were male and 34 were female, with average age of 56.47. There were totally 29 in-patients discharged from neurosurgical team in M.M.R.C. 4 of them were excluded due to transfer to acute hospital. LOS of in-patient in M.M.R.C. was much shortened by 12.53 days. Average LOS in this period was 24.6 days. A decrease of 33.74% was found when compared with the average LOS of 2010 to 2017 which was 37.13 days. 17 out of 25 discharged in-patients joined the neuroday program. The percentage of referral to post-discharge rehabilitation was increased from 28.62% (since 2010) to 68% (October to December 2018). Therefore it was shown that the neuroday program had facilitated the shortening of LOS of in-patients with the increase in the number of patients referred to the neuroday program.
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