Enhancement program on fall prevention by introducing the anti-slip tape for the elderly people in home environment.

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Kong SBB and Wong SWA
Affiliation :
Occupational Therapy Department, Yan Chai Hospital.
Introduction :
Traditional OT treatment modalities include home risk assessment and safety aids prescription and modifications. Among all the traditional modalities, handrails installation are the usual ways to reduce the patient fall chance. However, we noted patient still have significantly reported on the slippery floor in toilet floor and showering area, especially while they are using bathing liquid, shampoo and conditioner. Studies indicated about 28% to 42% elders aged 65 or above living in community experienced fall. Most of fall result in minor to moderate injuries included traumatic head injury and fracture which induced hospitalization. Over 80% of fall accidents were at home. HA data indicated high fall risks and fall induced fracture hips, wrists and head injuries during toileting and bathing. Home hazards were associated with 38% increased risk of fall.
Objectives :
To reduce the chance of slippery floor inducing fall accidents and fall risks in toilet and showering area and bath tub, with the applications of anti-slippery tapes on floor.
Methodology :
Occupational therapist would install the anti-slippery tapes on high slippery toilet area, after the home risk assessment by staff. Our clients had high fall risk* while performing self care like toileting and bathing. (* history of fall at home, mobility decline specially on standing tolerance and balance; Sensory deficit and cognitive decline; Lives alone and daytime alone clients.) In order to evaluate the effectiveness of using anti-slip tapes after the interventions, a questionnaires was designed. All participants would be requested to complete an satisfaction survey, so as to monitor and access half year closed completed cases and recorded down an fall risk accidents found. We also will assess the Accident and Emergency department record through CMS documentation during the review period. Telephone follow-up had been done by other disciplines, so as to reduce bias.
Result & Outcome :
No report of any fall happening in toilet environment due to slippery floor were reported. Most of cases reported that they had high satisfaction on the services and their self confidence on performing bathing had been significantly improved. The outcome was very encouraging. It is highly recommended for occupational therapists to consider anti-slip tapes and slippery preventive measures as an enhanced service on top of the traditional fall prevention services.
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