OSH Program: Staff Training for Radiation Safety in an Oncology Ward

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Lam PYW, Wong MC, Chan WYG, Chow KS, Mak KI
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Department of Clinical Oncology, Tuen Mun Hospital, NTWC
Introduction :
Radioiodine therapy (RAI) is a nuclear medicine treatment for an overactive thyroid. Every year near 60 numbers of thyroid cancer patients will admit to oncology ward for receiving Radioiodine therapy in Tuen Mun Hospital. A list of precautions to take and comply with the Nuclear Regulatory commission. The staff wellness is important in working environmental due to radiation exposure.
Objectives :
An OSH Training provide to all nurses and supporting staff as follows: 1. To increase the awareness in OSH safety at workplace. 2. To provide the training for newcomers during preceptorship period. 3. To provide the yearly refresher training and conduct the quiz for continuity assessment in their compliance.
Methodology :
~20 minutes training video in radiation safety and it was prepared for the nurses and supporting staff working in oncology ward. It included the radiation precautions measures and reinforced the importance of OSH issues to all nurses and supporting staff. All newcomers included nurses and supporting staff were watched the video and conduct the quiz for assess the compliance of principle, proper wearing of TLD, nursing care, handling of vomitus, excreta and spillage within their preceptorship period. Furthermore, the refresher training was arranged in 1Q yearly to all nurses and supporting staff, e.g. watched the training video again, in-house sharing session by medical physicist and conduct the quiz again for continuity assessment in their compliance.
Result & Outcome :
All nurses and supporting staff would have radiation training before caring RAI cases in oncology ward. In 1Q 2018, there were total 40 participants (19 nurses and 16 number of supporting staff) and 5 newcomers (4 nurse and 1 supporting staff) were participated the quiz and the overall compliance was 100%. All nurses and supporting staff were agreed that the “Staff training for radiation safety” were satisfactory and met the objectives. Besides, they agreed that they had enhanced their alertness of radiation safety in working in oncology ward.
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