YCH EMW CQI Program on Hypertension

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Chau KYD(1), Yeung TK(1), Chan Susana FT(1)
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(1)Accident and Emergency Department Yan Chai Hospital
Introduction :
EMW patients, whom have current complaint or problem in hypertension and patient have past history of hypertension. The conscious level of above patients should be normal which can understand the content of education.
Objectives :
Provide nursing education to patients to realize hypertension, drug effect and side effect of hypertensive drug, enhancement of drug compliance in order to control and monitor blood pressure
Methodology :
Method: 1. On admission, nurse will explain hypertensive drug effect and side effect to patients 2. Continue blood pressure monitoring and document in the MEWS chart 3. Regularly review the blood pressure and drug effect with doctor 4. Provide hypertension pamphlet to patients and brief the content of pamphlet to patients upon discharge 5. Collect patient label and then stick on the patient label collection form, document action taken upon discharge Follow up action: *Patients whom were newly diagnosed as hypertension were selected for “patient satisfaction phone follow up” *Patients whom with history of hypertension were randomly selected for “patient satisfaction phone follow up” *A report will be written every 6 months *The program will be reviewed every 3 months
Result & Outcome :
Hypertension is a common disease in Hong Kong. Well management of hypertension can help patients reduce re-attendance Finding: 31 cases were recruited during Jan-June, 2018. 10 cases were newly diagnosed hypertension and 21 cases were with history of hypertension. Total 15 cases (including 10 newly diagnosed hypertension cases and 5 cases randomly selected from with history of hypertension) were selected for “patient satisfaction phone follow up”. Overall results of the survey were satisfaction. All patients receive the pamphlet about HT.
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