Easy to learn system (e2-learn / 易學習)

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Ieng SM(1),CHUNG LC(1),HO CW(1),KWOK KT(1), LEUNG YM(1), NG MC(1)
Affiliation :
(1)Tuberculosis & Chest Unit, Grantham Hospital
Introduction :
Barcode technology is widely utilized nowadays. In order to improve the quality of patient service, TBCU has piloted the ‘e2-learn’, which aims to facilitate staff and patients/carers to have easy access to health care information at one spot. Education videos for common procedures/disease management were uploaded to a designated YouTube account. Two sets of barcodes (Blue & Green) were also developed. Blue barcodes are for staff use, mainly on quick reference on equipment operation. The barcodes were also shown on the surface top of the medical equipment. The staffs just need to scan the barcode with her or his mobile phone or ward tablet. The electronic device will then automatically connect to YouTube and education video about the usage of that particular medical equipment will be played. As for the green barcodes, they will be distributed to patients or their relatives so that they can watch the education video at their convenient time and place.
Objectives :
1. Use of simple technology to facilitate health care staff in daily work. 2. Allow patient/ relatives to retrieve educational material in a more flexible way. It also helps reinforce patients to have correct techniques/ accurate information even they have been discharged home.
Methodology :
Create a YouTube account. Produce education videos and upload to the designated YouTube account. Affix the barcode on surface top of the designated equipment. Prepare and distribute green barcode stickers for patients/cares who are in need.
Result & Outcome :
1. Reduce error in equipment operation. 2. Improve patient/carers in disease management even after discharge. A follow up evaluation would be carried out in 3Q2019.

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