Healthy Vitality Promotion

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Fung HF, Yee YT, Mak CL, Fong MY, Wong YM, Wong CY, Ko PS, Ho SM, Chan PF, Chao DVK
Affiliation :
Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care, United Christian Hospital and Tseung Kwan O Hospital, Kowloon East Cluster (KEC)
Introduction :
Family medicine and primary health care nurses have an important role in promotion of health. In order to raise the public awareness and motivation of our patients for adopting a healthy lifestyle and self-management of their chronic diseases, we have implemented a series of community health promotion activities in Kwun Tong and Tseung Kwun O districts in 2018.
Objectives :
To raise the public awareness on healthy lifestyle for disease prevention and to motivate our patients on self-management of their chronic diseases through a series of health promotion activities in the community.
Methodology :
Our Health Promotion Team had organized five free-of-charge health promotion activities in three general outpatient clinics (GOPCs) in KEC in 2018. The three main themes of the activities were: emphasizing physical exercise, promoting healthy lifestyle and preventing seasonal influenza. The contents of the activities included health talks, interactive games and healthy dance classes. The target participants were the GOPC patients and their relatives.
Result & Outcome :
The program recruited 90 participants in five sessions of health promotion activities. After the program, the participants were invited to complete an evaluation form. The evaluation showed an overall high appreciation and positive feedbacks from the participants. 99% of the participants were very satisfied with the activities, 98% of them agreed that the content of activities were helpful for empowering them to take care of their own health through a healthy lifestyle, 100% participants would like to join similar activities again and 98% of them would recommend their relatives and friends to participate in similar activities. With the implementation of a well-structured and interactive health promotion program, it was observed that the participants were able to learn, share and practice various aspects of healthy lifestyle. It had a positive impact that they felt they could own their health and well-being. As the first contact of health care system, primary health care nurses could play and an important role in promoting community health.

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