Assessment for Driving Motorcycle

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Community Rehabilitation Service Support Centre (CRSSC), Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Introduction :
Motorcyclists are one of driver groups receiving CRSSC driver rehabilitation service. The motor cyclists are riding for work and/or personal transportation need. In 2017, CRSSC started assessment program for driving motorcycle. The program includes components of off-road and on-road assessment, it was further enhanced by using driving simulator since 2018.
Objectives :
To evaluate the outcome of the new driving motorcycle assessment CQI program.
Methodology :
The driving motorcycle assessment CQI program was conducted with objectives of: 1) To develop protocol of motorcyclists assessment. 2) To design on-road assessment and prepare an assessment area. 3) To collaborate with driving instructors in the assessment process. 4) To prepare report writing. Telephone follow up with structured interview was conducted for patients completed motorcycle assessment.
Result & Outcome :
From Aug, 2017 to Jan, 2019, 33 patients (31 Male, 2 Female) attended motorcycle assessment including on-road test. The age range was 24 to 64 years old (mean 46.4). 24 patients drove motorcycle for personal use and 9 cases for occupational purpose. 30 patients were holding motorcycle driving license and 3 patients wished to apply learner license. The majority of patients were suffered from lower limb related conditions (fracture, soft tissue injury, amputation) (45%) and back / neck / other soft tissue conditions(28%). There were 17% patients having neurological conditions including stroke. On-road test: 32 patients (97%) completed the test with satisfactory performance. 25 patients(75.8%) retrieved their CRSSC driver assessment report and reported to Transport Department as required in Road Traffic (Driving Licences) Regulations. Driving resumption: 15(45.5%) patients resumed driving after assessment. 13(39.4%) patients had not resumed driving for no immediate need in driving motorcycle, but they can resume driving whenever they have the need after completing Transport Department reporting and granted for approval letter. Several patients (12.1%) commented that health related issue affected driving resumption. They fulfilled the basic driving requirement as confirmed in driving assessment. However, they may have health related concerns (e.g. pain), especially in more complex or demending day-to-day driving. Conclusions
Driver assessment for motorcyclist offered a safe and comprehensive evaluation that can effectively reflect patients' performance after injury or medical disease. This is the only program in Hong Kong that use of both simulation and real vehicle road test. After completing the assessment, the majority of patients complied with legislation requirement and reported to Transport Department before resuming driving.

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