”Prevention of SSTF” Program in 2018

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Wong WSW(3), Law YTE(2), Suen MYA(2), To WK(2), Chan WH(2), Tsang CHW(2), Kwok L(2), Wong TF(2), Wen SWN(2), Li SKK(3), Leung HCW(3), Wong WLJ(3), Lam CY(1)
Affiliation :
(1) NTWC Occupational Safety & Health Committee, (2) NTWC Ergonomics Working Group and Taskforce, (3) Occupational Safety & Health team, NTWC Human Resources Department
Introduction :
“Strike, Slip, Trip or Fall (SSTF)” was the most common type of Injury-On-Duty (IOD) in HA and NTWC in 2017. Total 140 SSTF related cases were occurred in 2017. The common circumstances of SSTF IOD were struck by moving bed or trolley and trip with temporary storage items or equipment. Environmental and human behaviors were the most common factors to contribute IOD. Some environmental factors could be improved by existing control measures such as housekeeping, convex mirrors, redesign the layout of workplace etc. On the other hand, human behaviors should be enhanced by promotion, workshop, demonstration and practices and poster etc. NTWC Ergonomics Working Group (WG) formed a SSTF Taskforce to implement a series of SSTF safety promotion activities including promotional campaign, workshop of stretching exercise and “Smart Eye” Poster.
Objectives :
(1) Enhance staff awareness of prevention of SSTF (2) Promote stretching exercises through a series of interactive games, informative display boards and stretching exercise corner
Methodology :
SSTF Promotion Campaign The WG and NTWC Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) team held the SSTF promotional campaign for four consecutive days in different hospitals in NTWC. Promotional campaign including games booths namely “SSTF Black Spots Throwing Game” and “Tongue twister game” were held, so as to convey OSH messages to staff through interactive games and informative exhibition panels for reminding staff to be careful when working in the workplace. Reusable cable ties and A4 pouches with SSTF prevention slogan were given as souvenirs to all participants to reinforce SSTF safety awareness for preventing SSTF incidents. Stretching Exercise Workshop OSH Team produced a promotion video in order to encourage stretching exercise before on duty in department. In addition, NTWC Physiotherapy Department has conducted demonstration at the venue of the promotional campaign to attract more staff to join and familiarize the stretching exercise. Smart Eye Poster Some “black spots” of SSTF related IOD were identified in ward areas, staircases, corridors and public areas. OSH team designed a set of “Smart Eye” poster in order to enhance staff alertness by displaying the respective Smart Eye Poster at the identified SSTF Black Spots.
Result & Outcome :
Total 500 colleagues joined the program. The results of evaluation reflected that (i) the program enhanced staff knowledge and skills in SSTF; (ii) the program promoted staff OSH awareness at work; (iii) colleagues satisfied with the program by active participation; and (iv) they were impressed by the interesting activities, stretching exercise workshop and souvenirs. NTWC Safety Audit Working Group will monitor and review the implementation of SSTF preventive measures in department in order to cultivate a good safety culture e.g. use of reusable cable ties and Smart Eye Posters). Besides, colleagues can obtain SSTF information through QR Code, so as to increase staff awareness in prevention of SSTF. Furthermore, the pre- and post- IOD data on SSTF were compared, there was a reduction of SSTF related IOD rate (IOD cases per 100 colleagues) by 10% in 4Q 2018 in comparison to 4Q 2017. NTWC will continue to explore the initiative for prevention of SSTF in order to provide a caring workplace for staff.

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