Can we boost up the seasonal influenza vaccination (SIV) uptake rate of our staff?

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Fong MY, Chan LN, Yee YT, Chan PF, Chao DVK
Affiliation :
Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care (FM&PHC), United Christian Hospital (UCH) and Tseung Kwan O Hospital (TKOH), Kowloon East Cluster (KEC)
Introduction :
Seasonal Influenza Vaccination (SIV) can protect our staff from complications of influenza and reduce loss of workforce due to sick leave caused by the illness. However, the overall staff uptake rate of SIV was only 33.02% in KEC in 2017/18. The uptake rate in our department was not much better than the overall rate in KEC. As a result, we would like to boost up the rate in our department in 2018/2019 to better protect our staff by implementing a promotion program. .
Objectives :
1) To explore and correct misconceptions of staff on SIV 2) To boost up staff vaccination rate of SIV of our department in 2018/19
Methodology :
A SIV promotion program was implemented in our department from September to December 2018. Questionnaires were sent to all staff to explore their knowledge on SIV. Infection Control and primary health care nurses collaborated to hold on-site briefings for nursing and supporting staff to provide update information and correct the misconceptions on SIV. Some real stories and experience were shared to promote positive peer influence. Posters and video shows were also produced for promotion. The effectiveness of the briefings was evaluated.
Result & Outcome :
271 (68.3%) staff responded to the questionnaire. 16 on-site briefings were held and 128 evaluation forms were collected. The feedbacks of the participants were positive. 90.6% and 86.6% of the responded staff agreed that they understood more information on SIV and the briefings could correct their myths repectively. 77.3% of staff would consider to receive SIV injection in this year and 95.3% of staff were satisfied with the briefings and would recommend other colleagues to attend the briefing. As compared with last year, the staff SIV uptake rate of our department was significantly improved from 26.1% to 48.4% and 40.0% to 61.1% for staff working in the clinics under two acute hospitals respectively in 2018. In conclusion, the staff SIV promotion program had successfully enhanced the SIV update rate in our department.

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