The planning & preparation of safety for a new minimal invasive procedure when setting up a new service using medical gas

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Wong WL, Chun OK, Or YM, Wong NS, Cheng ML, Wong TM
Affiliation :
Breast Centre, Department of Surgery, Kwong Wah Hospital
Introduction :
Treating breast mass with Cryotherapy is a new minimal invasive treatment procedure which is an alternative option to open surgery. This surgical procedure can enhance alternative choice for patients as well as extend the ambulatory service scope from a general anesthesia in-patient case to a local anesthetic short stay patient.
Objectives :
The aim The setting up a new breast minimal invasive Cryosurgery procedure by using Liquid Nitrogen to implement the service in Breast Surgery Objective: Setting up the new breast minimal invasive surgery service through 1. Prepare nurses to be competence to implement the new service 2. To collaborate and good communicate with different stakeholders to make sure the service can be streamline 3. Maintain OSH safety issues when implement the service
Methodology :
Design: 1. Through SWOT analysis to prepare the manpower, resources, method and environment to organizes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Coordinate and communicate with stakeholders and ensure a safe working environment. 2. Set up timeline with workflow planning Timeline with work planning Work according to timeline, week 1-4 1. Service meeting with nurse leader and doctor 2. Briefing seminar to staff 3. Report to boss about the process and plan 4. Communicate with pharmacist 5. Liaise to OSH coordinator 6. Environmental check
Result & Outcome :
Obstacles were encountered would be sharing in the poster Nevertheless, good communication could solve all the hurdle Conclusion: 1. Nurse functioned as a good liaison amongst different stakeholders to facilitate secure streamline workflow 2. Continue Improvement on quality patient care by understanding patients’ need 3. Prevent avoidable complication by means of risk management 4. Development outcome standard for new service 5. Enhancement of professional service development via good planning and communication

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