Enhancement Clinic Workflow and environment for patient safety at no extra resources in West Kowloon General Out-patient clinic (WK GOPC)

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Chan C (1), Chan CY (1), Leung MY (1), Ho SF (1), Cheung KL (1), Chan CW (1), Luk W (1)
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(1) Kowloon West Cluster Family Medicine & Primary Health Care (KWC FM & PHC)
Introduction :
In 2018, WK GOPC has provided health care services to 140,000 clients per year. The waiting lobby was only 1000 square feet. It was crowded with clients, carers and wheelchairs. To cope with increasing demand, we relocated the fever cohort area inside fever room by June 2018 for set up self-help vital sign monitoring station and reception counter in waiting lobby next to registration counter. In addition, we relocated 4-seats plastic chair to widen passageway and create extra wheel chair parking areas by Nov 2018.
Objectives :
1.To shorten client’s pre consultation waiting time for vital sign monitoring. 2.To increase the passageway area. 3.To increase the no. of wheel chair parking areas to avoid inappropriate parking over corridors.
Methodology :
Redesign clinic workflow with expertise advice from Infection control team, occupational safety health team, department management team and frontline staff was done for relocation of fever cohort area to set up self-help vital sign monitoring station and reception counter in waiting lobby by June 2018. The change in workflow and setting was well communicated to staff and clients. Extra wheel chair parking areas in different parts of waiting lobby was completed by Nov 2018. Staff satisfaction survey was conducted to see the feedback on the change by Jan 2019.
Result & Outcome :
Results: (1) The client’s pre consultation waiting time was shortened 5 minutes. (2) The passageway area increased 177.5 square feet. (3) The number of wheel chair parking area was increased to 6 from 3 at different parts of waiting lobby. (4)Staff satisfaction survey with response rate 76% showed that 88% staff satisfied with the set up of self-help station and reception counter in waiting lobby and 81% staff satisfied with the set-up of extra wheel chair parking areas and 4 seats plastic chair rearrangement.The enhancement in clinic workflow and environment in West Kowloon GOPC facilitated client’s use of self-help vital sign monitoring and data entry. The streamline workflow shortened client’s waiting time for pre consultation preparation which enhanced medical consultation. The widen passageway and extra wheel chair parking areas increased accessibility for clients take the seats in middle part of waiting lobby and avoid wheel chair users parking on passageway which enhanced both client and staff’s safety, reduced conflicts, fall and workplace violence incident owing to space constraints at no extra resources.
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