So Close and Yet So Far

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Kwan YF(1), Pang CY(2), Lee WY(1), Lam L(1)(2), Chan NY(1)
Affiliation :
(1)Department of Physiotherapy, David Trench Rehabilitation Centre, Queen Mary Hospital,(2)Department of Physiotherapy, Queen Mary Hospital
Introduction :
Traditionally, Physiotherapy Department of Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) and David Trench Rehabilitation Centre (DTRC) provide comprehensive and continuous inpatient and outpatient service in Hong Kong West Cluster (HKWC). Effective communication between the two departments is essential to provide high quality rehabilitation. However, geographical distance of 3.5 kilometers hinders the direct communication.
Objectives :
Web conference offers a means of solving the above problems by providing a wireless channel for clinical sharing and discussion; live-broadcasting of department meeting and in-service training to ensure all staff to obtain updated information in the meantime.
Methodology :
Among all allied health in HKWC, Physiotherapy Department was the pioneer using web conference for intra-department communication. “Skype for Business 2015” is an advanced multimedia with real time data transfer of text, graphics, audio, animations and video. It connects with all team members anywhere and brings remote participants into meeting spaces. An initial contact to the HKWC Information Technology Department about equipping the web conference was made on 20 September 2017. Within one month of time, we got the approval and installed the Skype software in both physiotherapy departments. Three trials between October and November 2017 were made for testing the media upload and video broadcasting quality.
Result & Outcome :
Introduction of web conference united QMH and DTRC distant physiotherapy departments together. Four real time department meetings and clinical sharing sessions were gone through successfully without any technical error last year. Regular department meetings were carried out at the same time. Unnecessary travelling cost and duplicated information delivery with similar content were reduced. Time was saved for focusing on patient centered service. Furthermore, web conference provided a flexible platform that meeting could be taken place anytime. Updated hospital and professional information could be delivered when necessary. As a result, instant information exchange and quicker decision making enhance the meeting effectiveness. Compared to the previous training which was delivered to one department only, the engagement level of conference attendance was increased. Therefore, it enhanced the learning and sharing of professional knowledge during in-service training and distinguished lecture. Advanced technology eliminates geographical barrier; unite people, heart and team together. Web conference saves travel cost and time, enhances work efficiency, increases meeting engagement and eliminates geographic barrier. It brings people together as a team and makes great things happen.

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