A Cluster-based Survey on Patients Satisfaction Towards Breast Nurse Clinics During Acute Treatment Stage

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Wong KY1, Or YM2, Chan SY3, Chung MY4, Shum FW5, Chan CS6, Lee MH7, Wong L8, Choi WY9, Chan Fiona9, Tsang WF10, Chun OK2, Yip ML11, Choi Kathy12, Leung YL13 , Chan WW1
Affiliation :
1Kowloon East Cluster Breast Centre, United Christian Hospital; 2Department of Surgery, KWH; 3Surgical Department, QEH; 4Surgical Department, QMH; 5Surgical Department, CMC; 6Surgical Department, NDH; 7Surgical Department, RTSKH; 8Surgical Department, TWH; 9Surgical Department, PMH; 10Surgical Department, POH; 11Surgical Department, PYNEH; 12Surgical Department, YCH; 13Surgical Department, TKOH.
Introduction :
Breast cancer journey is a harsh time in life as breast cancer affects the physical, psychological and social aspects of an individual. With the establishment of breast nurse clinics, patients found their breast cancer journey smoother. Hospital Authority was initiated to standardise the key performance indicator of breast nurse clinics of all clusters. Thus, in 2018, all clusters’ breast care nurses were collaborated to evaluate patient satisfaction towards breast nurse clinics to enhance the quality of existing services.
Objectives :
(1) To evaluate patient satisfaction towards breast care nurses, the environmental setting and services provided by the breast nurse clinics; (2) To determine patients’ enhancement on psychological adjustment, post-operative wound care, preventing and managing post-operative complications after nurse’s education and counselling.
Methodology :
A self-administered Questionnaire for Patient Satisfaction Survey - Surgical Nurse Clinic (Breast Care) was used. The data were collected from August to September 2018. All and consecutive newly diagnosed Chinese breast cancer patients (N=365) from 13 public hospitals were surveyed when they had recovered from breast cancer surgery and no longer require wound and drain care at breast nurse clinics.
Result & Outcome :
Overall satisfaction rate towards the clinics was 99.17% (357/360). Patient satisfaction towards breast care nurse’s attitude 99% (362/364) and environmental settings 98.35% (358/364) are high. It demonstrated that breast care nurses are excellent on pre-operative counselling and education 97.23% (351/361); explaining diagnosis 98.63% (360/365), treatment 99.45% (363/365) and rehabilitation plan 99.1% (362/365) to patients during acute treatment stage; and acquired necessary knowledge and skill in caring their patients’ wound and drain 98% (354/360), prosthesis fitting and clothing education 97.39% (299/307), and preventing upper limb lymphoedema 97.94% (333/340). The survey also reflected that providing enough information enable patients to understand post-operative self-care ability 99.15% (349/352), wound care 89.33% (318/356), pain management 89.33% (318/356), performing upper limb exercise 87.79% (302/344), preventing upper limb lymphoedema 90.12% (310/344), self-breast examination 90.34% (318/352), and psychological adjustment 87.79% (302/344). Patients satisfaction level towards breast nurse clinics was high regarding counselling, education, care and support by breast care nurses during acute treatment stage.

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